EMEA LMCA Membership

The  Lifestyle Management And Concierge Association for Europe,
Middle-East, Africa, is an Association of Concierge Professionals and their
related Business Partners and Suppliers. The Association Board is based in Mayfair, London.

“The Mission of the LMCA is the development of game changing business
opportunities, tools, networks and resources for the Concierge Industry
throughout Europe, the Middle-East and Africa.”

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Membership Categories

Full Membership. Concierges Trading for more than 2 years.

Associate Membership. Concierges Trading less than 2 years.

Affiliate Membership. 
 Suppliers or Services that may be of use to either

Concierge Professionals or their Clients

Membership Fees

There are several levels of Membership and Annual Dues.

- Full Membership  (1 to 5 employees) – £265 +  VAT
- Full Membership  (6 to 10 employees) – £530 + VAT
- Full Membership  (11 + employees) – £795 + VAT
- Associate Membership  - £110 + VAT
- Affiliate Membership – £2000  + VAT
- One-off Application Fee – £100 + VAT

* Membership is based on the calendar year. Anyone joining mid-year will be
charged pro-rata.

* Membership applications are subject to approval by the association board.
Membership may be refused or terminated at the discretion of the membership

* Membership fees are non-refundable.

* Membership fees exist for a reason. The board are committed to quality of
Members rather than quantity.

Why become a Member!

1. The Annual Conference.

All Members receive an annual Invitation at
Member’s Rates to the Concierge Conference which is traditionally held at the timeless Claridge’s Hotel, Mayfair.

2. Chamber of Experts.
 At the heart of all EMEA operations lies a
twinkling chamber of brilliance, a conglomerate of expert Lawyers, Bankers,
Investors, Accountants, Business Advisers etc who are available to advise
and support Emea Member Concierges, Family Offices and Suppliers.3. Business Doctor. Members receive Five Hours of one-to-one Advice at no
charge from our Expert Professional Board – Value £950.004. Networking and Social Events. Members receive quarterly Invitations to
Concierge and Supplier Networking Events at majestic venues in Mayfair, London.
One special business introduction can be* game changing.*

5. EMEA Members Directory
. All Members are included in the EMEA
Members Directory. Membership is strictly by approval. All Members
receive one Copy of the EMEA Members Directory  – Value £135.00.6. Logo. Full Members and Associate Members may use the EMEA Association Logo to show accreditation to the Association.

7. Increased Visibility.
 Get seen by special high net worth businesses
and individuals across Europe at no further cost.8. Business and Pleasure. Forge new business alliances and make new
friends with like minded business goals.
9. Friends with Benefits Members may benefit from any Member Special Offers and Discounts.

10. Secret Door  Membership means a door into the world of the EMEA LMCA
Concierge Association where help is at hand and special Business Introductions and Business Referrals can be Game Changing.

Notes on the Application Process

 Full Members Concierges Trading more than 2 Years
i) Must submit an application including references from three clients.
ii) Full members have full voting rights on all matters.
iii) May use the LMCA Logo in all of their publicity material.

Associate Members Concierges Trading less than 2 Years
i) Are not eligible to vote.
ii) Must attend the Concierge training seminar ‘The Fundamentals of Independent Concierge’ within six months of joining the Association.
iii) Must submit References which are checked and submitted to the Membership Committee for final vetting.
iv) Undertake Training before they can apply for Full Membership.
v) May use the LMCA Associate Member Logo.

Affiliate Members Product or Service Suppliers
i) Open to those organisations who provide Products or Services that may be of use to either
Concierge Professionals or to their Clients.

ii) Please send us as much information as you can to assist the association board in making their decision.

iii) Affiliate members are nominated by an existing LMCA member, or must supply
client References to support their application.


Non-Executive Board

Each year the executive will appoint an non-executive board to advise direction of the association and the Annual Conference. Members interested in participating as a board or committee member should contact the Executive Director.