Chamber of Brilliance

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Chamber of Brilliance

Chamber of Brillance

Welcome to the EMEA Lifestyle and Concierge

At the heart of all EMEA operations lies a twinkling chamber of
brilliance, a conglomerate of expert Lawyers, Bankers, Investors,
Accountants and Business Advisers, to name but a few, who specialize
in the traditional world of the Concierge and are at hand to advise
and support Emea Member Concierges and their Suppliers. Apart from this
assemblage of learned jewels, Membership also includes invitations to
quarterly Networking Events at beautiful, prestigious venues in London
and as we all know, one special business introduction with the right
person, can be worth 1000 wrong business introductions, in fact it
could transmogrify your entire financial business forecast!! To be
clear the next EMEA event will be held this September 2016 so put that
in your diary and if you have not already joined the EMEA Concierge
Association, do get your concierge skates on!

In addition, once you have joined, you will also be included in the EMEA Members Directory where you can
then figuratively, enter the secret door of the EMEA LMCA Concierge
Association and network and do business directly with other Concierges
and Suppliers who each manage a menagerie of high net worth
individuals. And finally of course all Members are invited to the now
annual Concierge Conference held at Claridge’s Hotel, Mayfair which
will resume again June 2017. However, to become a Member first you must fill out a
short online form and register your interest to the EMEA Concierge
Association Board for approval. Good luck and we highly look forward
to meeting you!

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